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Thank you so much for joining me here at my blog, I really hope you enjoy this web site and the articles. I am on retreat at this time and not available for readings until further notice. If you would like to a reading however, contact Xavier who provides Clairvoyant Readings via phone or face to face and is based in Cairns his number is 0487 826 213. Blesings, Dakini Wild

Friday, December 12, 2014

Wild Women Weekend Australia

The Wild Woman archetype waits patiently in the psyche of the collective feminine. She is wild because she is filled with the powers of creation and destruction. She can never be contained or tamed. For thousands of years she has endured the suppression and repression of the Divine Feminine. In her cells she carries the collective memory of oppression, condemnation and being burnt at the stake. Before the Burning Times women came together in groups to dance, share ritual and celebrate. They felt free to be themselves and felt a level of joy and safety within their clan and within their own bodies that they would rip off their clothes as they danced around the fire under the full moon. They howled made animal noises, laughed, played and expressed themselves freely.  They didn't have the fears and insecurities that many of us are plagued with today. They didn’t have fears of judgement or fears of being condemned for being powerful or for simply just being themselves.

They were spiritually very powerful women.

They were the Visionaries, the Herbalists, the Healers, the Pioneers and the Free Thinkers. They weren't afraid of seeing spirit or hearing spirit or listening to or acting on their Wild Woman guts instincts. Their spiritual powers came naturally to them like using their sense of smell. Their connection to the Divine Feminine was as vital to them as our mobile phones and lap tops are to us today.

For some of us that hear the call of the “Wild Woman” perhaps have lived past life times where they were tortured, condemned and burnt at the stake for being powerful. The “Awakening Power” Intensive Retreat Weekend offers a rare healing opportunity for women to release past life trauma on a cellular level through ritual, story telling, dance and visualisation. Offered in a sacred space of imagination and spirit. An Arena of magic to inspire transformation and to awaken your power. Throughout this weekend we will delve deeply into the energy of the Wild Woman and embark on a journey of magic, mystery, healing and awakeningTogether in sacred space we will reignite our lost lineage and reclaim our spiritual gifts of clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairsentience (clear feeling), clairaudience (clear hearing) and intuition (inner knowing).

Start Time: 6:45pm Fri 10th May 2013
End Time: 4pm Sun 12th  May 2013
Cairns, QLD
Investment: $595

The Wild Women Awakening Power is a 3 day and 2 night residential retreat with a circle of integration the following Sun 12th of Feb at 3pm  

All meals and accommodation provided. Spaces are limited so book early to avoid disappointment. A non refundable deposit of $395 needs to be received in order to confirm your place. Would you like to host a Wild Women Weekend in your town or community? If you have a minimum of 8 women that would like to participate please do not hesitate to contact Dakini to organise Wild Women Awakening Power Weekend to come to you! Phone; 0432147691
If you would like to register your interest to attend the Wild Women 

Weekend in Cairns Far North Queensland email

 “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.”
Marrianne Williamson.

What will you get out of attending the Wild Women “Awakening Power “ Weekend?

*An awakeing of your Spiritual Powers (your special gifts from past life times)
*An awakening within of the Wild Woman Archetype
*Inspiration to express yourself more fully in all areas of your life
*Connection with like minded women

*A deeper sense of connection to your Authentic Self
*The experience of sacred space and ritual
*Nurturing, Fun, Laughter and Inspiration 
*Insight and awareness into the aspects of the  Faces of the False Self  
*A sense of belonging  and a connection with the Divine Feminine
*A deeper sense of connection to your spirituality 
*A deeper  sense of safety and acceptance of your Power *Healing of Past Life Trauma associated with your power
*Healing & Releasing of fears and that have been blocking your power 
*Spiritual Practices & Rituals for grounding psychic energy
*Empowerment to embrace your creativity, individuality and self expression

About the Venue
The Sanctuary      

This expansive magical property is nestled in idealic tropical mountain surrounds with an abundance of wild life. You will love it! Don’t forget to bring your swimmers! You can choose to either camp out on the acreage or take advantage of the luxurious shared accommodation being provided in the house.

This amazing space has the privacy and ambience for healing and relaxation. The house is set on a private acreage and is designed to embrace the tropical lifestyle and the Balinese open living concept with big open verandahs with teak carved furniture, a pebble stone swimming pool, a lotus pond and stone statues scattered in tropical gardens. All the bedrooms have tropical garden views. Take the time to relax on a day bed or hammock by the pool and you will experience the abundance of native birds, including kookaburras, cockatoo’s, curlews, blue and green Ulysses butterflies and wallabies that visit the gardens.

This space is designed for the tropical climate and captures the cross flow of air from ocean and mountain breezes which allows all rooms in the villa to be well ventilated. This space is sacred and has a heavenly charm that emanates serenity and peace.

                               What other Women have said about 
                  the Awakening Power Wild Women Weekend Retreat

"I loved the Power Chant! Wow! Dakini's delivery of the retreat was very professional while at the same time very spiritual and nurturing with great care being given to those who needed it, as they needed it!!! What a Safe, Sacred, Respectful Space to heal and grow! Thankyou Dakini."

"Dakini is an amazing, truly gifted facilitator of transformation for Women. Dakini provides an authentic safe space for you to reveal the Wild Woman Within. You will never be the same again!"

"I  take away from me from the Wild Woman Awakening Power Weekend the knowledge that I can give love and receive love. I can be open to love without fear. I can let the Divine Feminine Shine In Me."

"If you participate in the Wild Woman Weekend you will find your confidence and freedom to express yourself fully without judgement. Amazing, amazing experience you will never forget!"
"My words of expression for this transformational weekend is...
I am Wild
I am Free
I am Me
Thankyou to all the amazing women that came truly amazing memories
I will cherish!"

What did you love the most about the weekend?

"This weekend has been absoloutely beautiful it was so nice to share, connect and be dancing outside around the fire and joining as one magic circular flame. I loved the energy sensations of the circle."

"I loved sharing the sacred space with the other women, the outdoor space and the reflection time we were given. I thought it was amazing and loved its gentle unfolding and nurturing.  I loved finding myself and leaving the weekend a confident Wild Woman!"
"I loved the Power Chant, Dakin'’s howl at the fire and the beautiful food."

"The sharing and connection, the powerful energy of the group."

"I loved having the opportunity to meet and share my most intimate self with other women."

How did you enjoy the food provided?

"10 out of 10! I loved the food it was divine I’d like to get the recipe for the Chicken – I felt the love in the food!"

"Thankyou!  10 out of 10! Beautiful Food! Blessings!"

"10 out 10! Beautiful , plentiful and nourishing. Thankyou! Yum Yum!"

"10 out of 10! Yummy!"

She changes everything she touches
and everything she touches changes...

“Hello, my name is Dakini Wild, I am Clairvoyant, Medium and Psychic. It would be an honour to be of service to you to provide you with clarity, direction and insight in order to assist you to awaken your full potential and Life Purpose. I am a clear channel and work with integrity, love and in direct alignment with the Divine Feminine. Please feel free to ring for a chat if you have any questions about receiving a Clairvoyant Soul Reading via Phone or my experience and expertise in the areas of Clairvoyance, Psychic Awareness, Spirituality & Healing.  If you would like to book a Reading please call me on 0432 147 691 or you can email Please come and join me on Face Book also at Clairvoyant On Line and at Wild Women World Wide 
*Dakini Wild  at Clairvoyant Online offers Clairvoyant Soul Readings via Telephone, Skype & Email. Providing Accurate, Quality, Confidential and Professional Services World Wide 

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Special offer Free Clairvoyant Soul Reading

To celebrate the energy of the new year and the energy of the Wild Woman Dakini is offering an opportunity for you to receive a free new year Clairvoyant Reading offered via telephone, skype or face to face. In order to be placed in the running all you will need to do is simply write a minimum of 2 paragraphs about what does being a Wild Woman mean to you and place your response at the end of this post in the box that says comments below. Register your entry by also emailing Dakini at to register your interest don't email Dakini via the blog, all email's please to be sent to this address  Dakini looks forward to hearing from you.

The opportunity to place your entry will close on the New Moon 31st of January 2014. The winner will be named on the 1st of February 2014. 

Good luck! 

A Clairvoyant Soul Reading is an energetic reading of your blue print, the deepest most authentic aspect of yourself, your soul. This expression of 'you' holds your highest potential, your special gifts and talents, the memories of all past life times and the lessons you are learning in this life time. The intention of a Clairvoyant Soul Reading is to awaken your personal power, your highest potential, and to ignite your deepest heart's purpose and desire.  By aligning your personality self with your Higher Self in order to fully ignite Your Soul for you to live a life based on your deepest truth, allowing for joy, magic and miracles to enter your life. Receiving a Clairvoyant Soul Reading can be very healing and can bring about great change in your life by showing to you where your blocks are and what thoughts or beliefs, or past experiences need to be healed in order for you to be open to allowing  abundance, joy and prosperity into your life.

By ustilising her gifts of Clear Seeing (Clairvoyance) & Clear Feeling  (Clairsentience) Dakini will gently guide you through a magical right of passage (held in a space of safety and nurturing) into your deepest authentic self to awaken and ignite your passion and life purpose. Along with, using my gifts 'spiritual sight' I am able to view the Akashic Records along with reading your energy system to see your Souls Journey over time allowing for a stream of multidimensional energy and information to come through, like viewing different channels on television. 
The following information can come through in a Clairvoyant Soul Reading;

*Animal Guides & Totems
*The Elements: Fire, Air, Earth, Water, Spirit: how these are at play within your body, life and psyche
*Connection with Loved ones in the Spirit World (Mediumship)
*Connections with spirit guides
*Past life times and impact on this life time & lessons
*Archetypal Energy around you and coming into your life (Goddesses)
*Life Purpose and Soul Calling Work: Your Special Gifts and Talents
*The Chakras: Emotional imbalances and blocks in the energy system
 *The Inner Child *Love & Relationships *Career *Finances
*Karmic release and connections
*An indepth scope of the year to come

A small ritual at the beginning of the session takes place, if the weather is good the session can take place outside under a tree or on a patch grass. I simply sit in front of you and tune into your energy and receive information visually like seeing a movie on a screen. It is normal and common to have some form of emotional release throughout the session. This is not to be judged and is part of the blockages being freed energetically. Please allow at least 1 hour for your reading.

Once you have decided you would like to receive a Soul Reading and have booked your appointment it is common to have 'Resistance to Healing' surface. It is important to be aware of this as a normal part of preparation for your energies to shift and realign. If you have a particular issue that you would like to address in the reading I ask that you write out exactly what the issue is and relating questions and what it is you would like clarity on. I also ask that you bring this with you to the Reading.

After a reading you may feel either quiet emotional, flat or have a high level of energy. Emotional release after the session is a normal reaction to the healing and realignment of your energy system.  I encourage clients to journal, to take gentle walks, and do what they need to do to in order to nurture themselves. Please allow for feelings and emotions to bubble up and move through you. Drink lots of water, and have very quiet time, avoid harsh environments, alcohol and surround yourself with gentleness. Also, be aware of your dreams, pay attention to dream images and symbols up to 3 days after receiving a Reading. Along with, animals appearing to you and any synchronicities.


3 days before the full moon and 3 days after are peak energy times and I encourage women if they are wanting to come for a reading to come around this time if they can. As the magnetic energy of the moon amplifies the energy of a Soul Reading and adds to the depth and sacredness of the session.

What are the benefits of aligning yourself with the energy of the Moon? Sitting in sacred space and participating in ritual on the Full Moon with other like minded women is a powerful way to heighten your extrasensory gifts such as clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairsentience (clear feeling), clairaudience (clear hearing) and intuition (inner knowing). The powerful healing energy of the moon, the ritual and the circle can assist to balance out your hormones, your cycle and ignite your creative power. The energy of the moon can assist us to know and resonate with our instinctual and emotional selves (Our Wild Woman) in a magical, harmonious and soulful way. 

Full moon rituals are rituals of affirmation, manifestation and awakening power within. They take the high energy of the Full Moon Goddess and transform it into things we want to make happen in our lives. In these rituals, we become the Wild Woman by drawing her power into us we channel her creative birth power for taking action and fulfilling wishes. This is a wonderful time to ask for money and abundance and for all wishes to come true. Fertility, creativity and abundance is the theme of the Full Moon. Women can have anything that they want in their lives and Full Moon rituals are the perfect time for proving it. They take ideas from the psychic plane and bring them down to earth. When women draw the Moon into themselves on the Full Moon and feel the power of the Wild Woman within, they know they can do anything, no matter what the patriarchy tells them otherwise. Along with wishes come responsibilities, so think carefully before asking. Because what you ask for on the Full Moon you will surely manifest. 

The New moon is very much a time of introspection, going within and listening to our inner voice it also has to do with creation, manifestation, birth and rebirth. The full moon symbolises the ending of a chapter, shedding light on the things that we no longer need to hold on to. The full moon completes the cycle, representing death, change, or tying up loose ends. Letting go of what you've outgrown is an essential part of spiritual growth. Releasing old events, intentions, projects or relationships will renew and refresh you and open you to receive new things in your life. Utilising the potent light of the full moon is a powerful way to bring clear and joyful completions to your life. The full moon is a time of reaping what you've sown so that you are free to plant new dreams!

Our emotional and psychic lives are heightened on the Full Moon and our dreams reflect this. Full Moon dreams are more likely to be precognitive and psychic. Emotionally, the energy is wired and intense, and many of us are made to feel uneasy by it. We can flow with the moon phases and learn to channel this nervous energy into projects or physical activities for a feeling of total aliveness. 

What other's have said about Dakini Wild’s Clairvoyant Soul Readings
“I live in Switzerland and I had a reading with Dakini by telephone, I found the accuracy and professionalism absolutely spot on. As I’ve had readings previously to this which were a waste of money and time. She was not!”
Chris Hannaford, Switzerland

"I had a telephone reading with Dakini Wild today January 21 2014. I was asked to send photos of people I would like to have included in my reading which truly blew me away as in other readings it has only been me and not others. Dakini rang me right on time, I appreciate this as I know how impatient I can be waiting for a call to come through. Dakini immediately made me welcome and tuned into me straight away. I had no prior conception of what I wanted from the reading so we agreed on lets chat and see what comes about. Dakini asked me my birth date and then worked out what personal year I am in for 2014 and this set the tone for the reading. She read me really well and told me all about what was in store for me this year. This was a very in depth reading for this year. She then tuned into my grandson and daughter and hubby......this was very enlightening for me as this has been a very busy and chaotic year for us up to this date, I was given some really useful advice on how to help all the members of my family. I also asked if any of my family that had passed over had any messages and was given some beautiful words from a sister. Dakini also sent me some additional material on a subject that had come up in our reading. This is above and beyond what is expected from a reading. I am in awe of this beautiful soul.  Thank you so much Dakini.  I recommend Dakini for an in depth reading that will blow your socks off and the price she charges is well within your reach. Namaste 
Elaine, SA
• • •
“Dakini’s Soul Reading session was the most beautiful communication of this sort I’ve ever had (many now, over past decades), and so accurate. I had a sense of wondrous energies swirling around us the entire session, and for days afterwards – and this was in the context of some rather complex life-changing issues. These spiralling energies were quiet something – deeply deeply peaceful yet powerful, with an extraordinary sense of flowing motion and colour, even around deep sadness of personal loss. Dakini’s conscious connection certainly clarified and focused my optimal life path – and provided a wonderful compass by which I am currently steering through some rather lumpy circumstances and events. She has great spiritual connection and integrity, and I will make a point of seeing her when I’m next in Australia.”
Margy, New Zealand

"This past week has been what I term a "Personal Growth Spurt"! I did a soul reading over the telephone with Dakini, and so glad I did, as I've been able to apply the insights from the reading into making decisions and manifesting visions that were months - to years - overdue. These centred around life purpose, future directions and love (probably a very common ask from women). I've had a couple of different readings before, each felt right, and I wasn't particularly in a rush to do one again, but I went in very open, on the recommendation of a friend - and happily recommend Dakini here. To begin with, the description about me (my personality, my talents, my strengths and weaknesses) were spot on. I also sent through a photo of a friend and Dakini picked her situation, and strong personality, immediately. Dakini's ability to identify things and return my awareness to them (after such dormancy) is what I describe as a reawakening. The reading was beautiful - very positive, supportive and constructive. I felt empowered during and after, and felt that everything she offered was with the most loving of intentions; her voice reminded me of someone I knew. What surprised me most were the days following the reading. I went into decisions with ease and conviction; new opportunities directly related to my focus arose - and; I had a few instances where I could employ her tips, eg. sending back feelings that aren't mine to the actual owner (rather than absorbing), with love. I would say openness is required, as I really didn't know much about totems, but have since researched their symbolism, and am quite amazed at the aptness of the ones linked to me - it's a great visual and metaphoric way to gain understanding, so I'm quite thankful for this new area to explore. I made a point of being prepared before the reading with my intentions, and afterward have increased my meditation on the things I wanted to gain clarity on. I've even written a ten year plan for the first time ever - after downloading them and having every intention to for about a decade! Thanks so much Dakini!"

"Dakini presented me with a phone reading like no other. The psychology within this reading was so therapeutic with many wise suggestions to deal with issues that came up. She enabled me to ask many questions to which she took time to view pictures that I had emailed of the people of which my questions related. Then she came with such insight to their individual personalities and issues that involved us all. This too we discussed and came up with wonderful practical measures to meet my goals. Even without a photo, just with a first name and how they were related to a particular situation was astoundingly accurate. This wonderful caring soul was instantly able to relax me and speak to me as a friend with so much empathy. I felt I could ask and talk about anything. As things unfolded over the next few days, all was as she had said, but with the insight, the dark times were so much easier to handle and I was able to let them glide by in a great sense of well being where as if I hadn't been warned, I would have fallen into such a state of depression, not knowing what was going on. She was able to spare me that pain. 
Nothing is a coincidence, so when I saw her ad I felt such a drawing to it I rang immediately, Lol! Something I wouldn't normally do. When I think of her, it is with a smile on my face, and a warm glow in my heart. Thankyou dear Dakini, and Bless you for your guidance.

“The first time I went to see Dakini Wild, I was nervous at the thought of having a soul reading done, but she was welcoming and calming. After giving myself permission to be there, I felt an instant connection and energy. She picked up past-life connections as well as current-life connections that have made a lot of things more clear to me. I have always felt a part of myself was missing or forgotten and she has helped to show me what that part is. That part of me has been surfacing in dreams ever since. I believe going to see Dakini was the beginning of a journey I needed to take and one that will set my future life course.

I was so impacted by my first soul reading with Dakini that I have been seeing her once a week since for one-on-one Wild Woman healing sessions. Dakini devotes herself to bringing out the authentic power in every woman, even if you don’t know it’s there. I feel grounded and heard in a way I never have before. I’m excited about this journey and I can’t wait to see what unfolds as a result.”
-     Eva, Cairns QLD

“I had a Full Moon Soul Reading with Dakini. Wow! What an experience. It was wonderful, amazing and healing. She made me feel comfortable and welcome and everything she talked about was so very accurate. It was very powerful. I really loved the full moon energy and the sacred goddess energy and the earth energy. It was such a very powerful experience, too difficult to put into words. Thankyou Dakini for sharing your gifts with the world.”
Michelle, Adelaide SA

“I had a Reading with Dakini to get some answers and clarity for a few of my life's repetitive questions. Not only did Dakini answer all the questions I had, but also provided insight and understanding and was able to give me additional answers and guidance. I now walk with confidence knowing everything is ok and I now know what path to follow and that is the path of my Soul. Dakini is sincere, wise, honest and loving. I absolutely recommend her to anyone wanting to gain healing and clarity in their life.
Karly, Adelaide SA

Dakini is an extremely gifted Clairvoyant and Medium. She channeled messages from the spirit world for me which changed my life. She has an amazing ability to tune in and get messages from the other side. I recommend Dakini’s sessions to anyone that is searching for truth and for spirit. 
Leah, Adelaide, SA

"The lovely Dakini. Thank you for welcoming me into your safe and comfortable sacred space. Our connection was amazing and everything that came up for me was already so much a part of my life. Thank you. I look forward to meeting with you again and joining other wild women on my journey through the wild women gatherings and workshops. I highly recommend Dakini for any woman wanting to touch and experience their soul in a safe environment with a truly wild woman.”
Renae Cairns, QLD

"Dakini you are amazing! Receiving a telephone reading with you Dakini was rewarding, inspiring and so clarifying. Thankyou so much for your guidance and insight, I will definately be phoning you again. Thankyou again Dakini with all my soul. x x x" 
Tania, Darwin N.T

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Dakini Wild Clairvoyant On Line

“Hello, my name is Dakini Wild, I am Clairvoyant, Medium and Psychic. It would be an honour to be of service to you to provide you with clarity, direction and insight in order to assist you to awaken your full potential and Life Purpose. I am a clear channel and work with integrity, love and in direct alignment with the Divine Feminine. Please feel free to ring for a chat if you have any questions about receiving a Clairvoyant Soul Reading or my experience and expertise in the areas of Clairvoyance, Psychic Awareness, Spirituality & Healing.  If you would like to book a Reading please call me on 0432 147 691 or you can email Please come and join me on Face Book at Clairvoyant On Line and at Wild Women World Wide 
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Monday, December 3, 2012

Women's Spirituality Awakening Your Wild Woman with Dakini Wild Clairvoyant Online, Cairns Australia


Walking  the Wild  Woman  Way.
What is the restrictive feeling of suppression and constraint that hangs tightly in and around your throat? Why do you feel so held back in your throat centre? Clearing your throat at times coughing when you go to speak your truth and then apologising too much and far too often. Perhaps this energy of restriction in your throat is a collective hangover effect felt by all women at some point from the residual past life time trauma of when we were hung by a rope and tortured simply for being who we were.

Maybe, over many life times we have learnt to fear being powerful, real and authentic. We have become afraid to listen to our inner voice and to trust it.

The throat chakra is our centre of Authenticity. It is here that we find courage to follow our inner spark; to walk our walk and to talk our talk. It is here we can find inner strength to live out our life purpose and our heart’s passion. It is in this centre we cultivate the ability to communicate honestly, to speak our truth and express our individuality. Walking the Wild Woman Way is about trust, faith and belief. Trusting in yourself, trusting in your body and your emotions. The archetypal energy of the Wild Woman is primal and powerful. She lives by her gut instincts and woven deeply into every fiber of being is Mother earth’s deep knowing and wisdom.

The Wild Woman calls to all women to take time to sit on the earth and be still. To listen and make room for the sacred. To honour the four directions and pay attention to her cycles and the elements. She calls to you to pay tribute to your moon time, to watch for messages and synchronicities coming from the animal kingdom. “Be still.” She whispers. “Be receptive, listen to inner voice. Don’t be afraid to shine, take your place in the world and make your mark. Sit with other women, find your pack, your tribe, your people.”

If you knew you were to die tomorrow would you do anything differently today? If you knew you were to die tomorrow would you still be riddled with fear and self-doubt? Fear, self-doubt and a lack of self -knowledge seem to be the main challenges on the path of the Wild Woman.

In order to walk the path of our truth we not only need to develop courage, trust and the ability to praise ourselves but we need to discover what makes our heart sing. We need to know how we feel. We need to gain self-knowledge by spending quiet time alone. We need to slow down and become very quiet and sit with a reflective mind and observe our thoughts and feelings and ask ourselves, ‘What does my heart ache for?’

It takes great courage to act on your inspirations, your dreams and your deepest truth. It takes great faith to risk the known for the unknown. To succeed on the path of the Wild Woman you must have a warrior’s spirit-courage, determination and a profound belief in yourself. Being a Wild Woman Warrior is not about aggression or about fighting, it’s about freeing yourself of limitations so that you can be truly creative and effective in life. Being a Wild Woman is about taking charge of the process of change and daring to be more than you thought you could be. To become a warrior you must look fear directly in the eyes and advance ahead despite its presence.

Whatever you fear most in your life is secretly what you want to do. If we don’t secretly want to do something we simply don’t do it; we don’t bother fearing it. You see, whatever we are mostly afraid of is what we need to experience in order for us to grow and evolve. You could see your fear as giving you direction on your path like a big red blinking arrow pointing directly to your fear; it’s waving at you. “Hey! You! I’m over here! Come and conquer me!” The Wild Woman wants you to face your fear and act on your truth so you can learn, realise and experience how powerful you really are!

The well known quote, “Life is like a wild tiger. You can either lie down and let it lay its paw on your head or sit on its back and ride it.”, offers inspiration to act courageously and ignite the Wild Woman in your everyday life.

The Wild Woman and Oriah Mountain Dreamer invite you to live your life like riding the back of a wild tiger and let the adventure, freedom and ecstasy fill you to the tips of your fingers and toes without cautioning you to be wary, be practical or to remember the limitations of being a human. Risk looking like a fool for love, for your dreams for the miracle of being alive because at the end of your journey you’ll be so glad to have tasted all of what life has to offer.

Walking the path of the Wild Woman is the path of your soul. It is the path of courage, truth and honour. Even though at times the path is challenging the self-empowerment and self-confidence that result are worth the effort. There is nothing more enriching than the inner knowingness that you have found your path and you are walking it with the agreement and encouragement of your deepest self.

By Dakini Wild © 


DAKINI WILD is the Director of Wild Women™ Spirit 'Awakening Your Wild Woman' and provides education, awakening and healing opportunities for women to reach their full potential. Join Dakini at her blog  or chat to her at Wild Women World World Face Book. Upcoming events for 2014: Free the Wild Woman Within with Dakini Wild. Public Talk & Information Evening @ 6.45pm 17th Jan 2014, Cairns Australia. Investment $25. Bookings Essential Spaces are limited. Wild Women™ Weekend Retreat, A Sacred Journey of Awakening, is being held @ 7pm Fri 1st of Feb - Sun 3rd Feb 2014 in Cairns, on a private acreage in Far North Queensland Australia. Wild Women™ Full Moon Chakra Dance Moving through each Chakra every Full Moon with Dakini Wild & Nerise Howes.  January's Workshop will be focused on the *BASE CHAKRA* @ 6.45pm 27th of Jan 2014. Cairns, Far North Queensland, Australia. Investment: $40. Bookings Essential. Wild Women Full Moon Chakra Dance To register for the above events or to book your Clairvoyant Soul Readings email Dakini at Or phone 0432 147 691

Dakini Wild Clairvoyant On Line

“Hello, my name is Dakini Wild, I am Clairvoyant, Medium and Psychic. It would be an honour to be of service to you to provide you with clarity, direction and insight in order to assist you to awaken your full potential and Life Purpose. I am a clear channel and work with integrity, love and in direct alignment with the Divine Feminine. Please feel free to ring for a chat if you have any questions about receiving a Clairvoyant Soul Reading or my experience and expertise in the areas of Clairvoyance, Psychic Awareness, Spirituality & Healing.  If you would like to book a Reading please call me on 0432 147 691 or you can email Please come and join me on Face Book at Clairvoyant On Line and at Wild Women World Wide 
*Dakini Wild  at Clairvoyant Online offers Clairvoyant Soul Readings via Telephone, Face to Face, Skype & Email. Providing Accurate, Quality, Confidential and Professional Services World Wide 


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